Details of the Sunny Mökki Sysmä

Winterproof new log house at 300 hectare island “Päijätsalo”

directly at Lake Päijänne, closed to a nature reserve

Preferred summerhouse area, lakeside, southside

Suitable for 1-4 people

Mosquito protection at doors and windows


of course:

Sauna in the house

Big woodfired stove in the living room

Swimming place

Woodfired log house sauna

of the riparians nearby


Use for free (avail.)


Fishingboat, 20 PS


Surfing equipment



New building

Habitable floor space inside: 83 m2

Total floor space inside: 101,5 m2

Storage room: 2 m2

Total floor space (inside / outside): 152 m2

Plot area: 1.070 m2

Island area: 300 hectare

First time use: 2012

First time renting: 2014


Small swimming area / rawboat place for the riparians about 50 m in front of the house.

Large swimming area with big sandbeach for the riparians and

woodfired sauna 300 m to the house.

Marina for sailboats at the way to the house nearby.

Panorama view Lake Päijänne from a tower 1,5 km to the house.


Electric heating in all rooms.

Plus big and heavy woodfired  heating in the living room

- Soap stone stove Tulikivi "Sarmi C ", 2.000 kg -.

Daylight bathroom with WC, shower, basin, 270 l boiler, quiet ventilation.

Floor heating and washing machine.

Daylight sauna inside the loghome with electrical stove, 80 kg weight of stones.


Sunny chutty "erkkeri" in the kitchen lakeside.

Kitchen fully equipped: quiet (outside) ventilation, dishwasher, freezer, microwave, toaster, grill. Espresso machine.

Water boiler, waffle iron, fondue-set, raclett-set, wok, roasting tin.

Christmas bakery equipment.

Finnish cooking recipes (German).


House is fully equipped.

Big coatrack at the entry for your luggage ...


Electric and woodfired BBQ-grills outside.

Smokebox to smoke fish on the woodfired grill outside.

Electric smokebox.

Fishtrapp and trapp for crabs.


Blu-ray DVD-Player.


German / English DVD´s, different genre.

HIFI-Stereo audio system.


Various Music CD´s

(Classical music, Rock, Pop, Relaxation music,

audiobooks, Christmas audiobooks . . .).


Cosy reading- and multimedia-area with sofa for two.


Some German books, Sudoku, riddle pages.


Many German board games. Outdoor games.


Christmas decoration inside.


Good and fast connection for your mobile phone and smartphone.



Drinking water (hot /cold) by local municipal in kitchen and bathroom.

100 % unspoiled nature around. Nature reserve 500 m from the house.

The very clear water of the bay in front of the house has drinking water quality.


Lowcost house because of high heat insulation and 3x selective glass windows.


Cosy and warm in wintertime.

Pleasant cool in summertime.


Wood protection by natural oil and bees wax.

Suitable for allergic people.


Non-smoking house.

Not handicapped accessible.

No pets.