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Perfect location to go fishing and to place a fish trap

Bay in front of the house

Bay in front of the house.


The large and quiet bay in front of the log home is a perfect location to go fishing in our rowboat or motorboat.


You can fish in deep and shallow water and at large places with reed. The very clear water of the bay has drinking water quality.

A fish trap is available in the log house. You can use it in the bay in front of the house.


The bay ends at the main water area of Lake Päijänne (extent of 120 km). There you can find deep water locations, a lot of untouched islands, really unspoiled nature and great sunsets too.

Please note, there is a large nature reserve "Päijänteen kansallispuisto" about 500 m to the log home including Lake Päijänne with restricted areas for fishing (a map is available in the log house).


Fishing by rod (incl. ice-fishing) and using a fish trap are allowed
at the bay in front of the house.


Fishing equipment (2 rods) and a fish trap / crab trap are available in the log house.

You have to buy a personal fishing permission in the center of the town Sysmä with local validity (R-kioski for your personal permission and then go to "Urheilu Valonen" for the local permission - Sysmä-Voipala, island Päijätsalo - ).


Usefull information:   (scroll map to direction "7 o´clock", to find Sysmä and Päijätsalo)


Fishes in Lake Päijänne


Perch                            Barsch             

Trout                              Forelle            

Luce /pike                      Hecht               

Zander / pikeperch          Zander

Fingerling  / samlet         Saibling

Local salmon                  Binnenlachs


Fishing equipment in the house

Fishing rods:


1x Universe 2 292 15/60m

1x Balzer Magna Top Spin

2x Slammer Penn 360

Fishing line /Angelschnur:

Terra mono 0,30 mm, 10,5 kg

2x dip nets (Unterfangkescher)

1x fish trap (Reuse)

1x crab trap (Krebsfalle)

1x ice fishing equipment.


Basic fishing equipment incl. 2 boxes available.

Own equipment recommended


Fishing permission - details -

You find a map with further information of the fishing areas / restricted areas for fishing in the log house.


Your personal permission to fish and the possibility to buy further equipment

You have to buy two personal official permissions to fish at the bay in front of the log house.

One for the time period and the other one for the permitted location to fish at Lake Päijänne in front of the log house or to place a fish trap there (the location is: "Island Päijätsalo" / "Sysmä Voipala").


You must carry them with you while fishing at the lake.

The fish trap must be marked with your personal official sticker, your name and mobile phone number on it.

When you buy the permissions you will also get an official map of  fishing options in the surroundings.


The Outdoor-,Sports-, Bicyles and Fishing Shop "Urheilu Valonen" own. Aaltonen, Sysmä, Sysmäntie 38, Tel.: 358 (0) 3 717 2799, (at the taxi stand in the center of Sysmä), about 7 km from the house and the "R-Kioski" in the center of Sysmä are in charge to expose these different permissions and the map.


Please first buy  a personal time period card at "R-Kioski" in the center of Sysmä.

Then take it to the sports shop "Urheilu Valonen" to get the personal local licence for fishing with the rod or to place a fish trap at the bay in the front of the rental house at "Päijätsalo / Voipala".

For one year the two permissions cost about € 40 (e.g. at "Voipala - rod and fish trap -), depending on fishing areas and your individual demand of fishing opportunities.

The price for a shorter time period is probably much lower than the costs mentioned above.

At the sports shop "Urheilu Valonen" you can buy further fishing equipment too.


- All information without guarantee ! -



Lake Päijänne. Tower, 1.5 km to the house.

The bay ends at the main water area of Lake Päiijänne.