Boats / Rowing equipment / Life vest


Boats / Canoe

Our boats / canoe are already on the shore in front of the house, marked by "Lounaisrannantie 90".


Shortly before your arrival they are checked by an authorised person.

For your own safety, please check them again.

If there is a problem, please inform our property management or us about the issue.


Black rubber plug in the bottom of the boat

At the bottom of the rowboat / motorboat a black rubber plug must be plugged in tightly to prevent the water from getting into the boat.

You can find more rubber plugs in reserve:

a) in the kichen next to the refrigerator or on the cupboard at the door

b) in a blue bowl in the outside storage room.


Rowing equipment

Rowing equipment (dipper, blades etc.) is stored

a) under the terrace

b) in the outside storage room



If the boats are chained up, please, get the key from the electricity box at the front door.


Life vest

By law, everyone in the boat has to wear a life vest.

They are placed in the little shed at the front of the house.

There are also life vests for  young children. Please check the weight of the child and compare it with the information on the life vest.



Please refrain from any alcohol when going for a row.

Being drunk or consuming alcohol while rowing on the lake is against the law and will be prosecuted by the Finnish police by all means.


Please note

The rowboat / canoe is permitted for max. of 3 persons.