Hiking in Sysmä area


There are some nice hiking trails in the Sysmä area.

We recommend the following famous hiking trail with a beautiful view from  Kammiovuori (about 220 m):






For further information, please contact the tourist information in Sysmä.


Hiking trails at the log house


Near the log house short walking tours are possible (at least 3 - 5 km for beginners and advanced hikers).


A nature trail (English / Finnish information offered) near the house leads through a nature reserve to a look-out.

The panoramic view of Lake Päijänne from the tower all over Lake Päijänne is highly recommended.



Hiking in winter


During winter enjoy the forest with a lot of snow-covered trees or take a hike on a clear blue arctic winter´s day at frozen Lake Päijänne.


We like hiking on Lake Päijänne e.g. around Päijätsalo island, where the mökki is located.

Enjoy a hike to the small village of Rapala opposite of the frozen bay, too.


Snow shoes for 2 are available.



Further information


For further information, please contact the Sysmä Tourist Information Center.


Have nice hikes and lots of fun the whole year around.

Yours sincerely


Sunny Mökkis