Welcome to the Sunny Mökki Sysmä !

Welcome to the Sunny Mökki Sysmä!
Welcome to the Sunny Mökki Sysmä!

Tervetuloa to the lakeside town Sysmä!

Lake Päijänne. South-Finland.


Paradise for Sailing, Surfing, Rowing, Fishing, Hiking

Biking, Cross-country skiing, Ice fishing and Golf.

Relaxation in Finnland at big Lake Päijänne.

Enjoy magical Finnish summer nights, breathtaking golden Indian Summer and a Winter Wonderland.


Dreams come true!

A sunny calm place on a big island in Finland is waiting!


Reach it by car, all year around.

Take the bridge and enjoy wonderful Lake Päijänne

from the sunny terrace and balcony

of the comfort log house !


Walk to the tower close to the log home and

enjoy the beautiful sight of Lake Päijänne.

Have a hike in the forest around the house,

but beware of elks and trolls !


Collect some mushrooms around the house.

Cook them in the fully equipped kitchen

and enjoy the lakeside while dining

at the sunny chutty, terrace or balcony.


Take your sailing boat and go for a sail

on big Lake Päijänne.

Draw a deep breath and enjoy the surroundings.

Feel like a discoverer, crossing an ocean !


Take the boats at the "Mökki" and go fishing

on the lovely and quiet bay in front of the house.

You will enjoy great sunsets and

the glory of a Finnish summer night.


Take the cross-country skis or your hiking boots

and enjoy the quietness and largeness

of frozen Lake Päijänne

on a clear blue and sunny arctic winter´s day.


Get back to the house

or the woodfired sauna

at the common sand beach nearby.

Have a solid barbecue party or just relax.

Enjoy the electric sauna in the house

and the cosy fireside with your loved one.


It´s bliss !



An arctic sunny winter´s day.

A warm, comfortable log house with sauna behind and 120 km frozen Lake Päijänne ahead.

Time for relaxation, calmness and enjoying nature !

Winter Wonderland
Winter Wonderland